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How To Get Over Infidelity!

Find Relief From The Triggers, The Images & The Insecurity To Start Healing Your Marriage.

If you are suffering from the devastating fallout from an affair, my heart goes out to you - it's a situation like no other! However, there is complete recovery available to you both if you would like to learn something new. 

What you will learn in this FREE 35 MINUTE VIDEO:

  • If you are the betrayed spouse - The infidelity was not your fault and there's nothing wrong with you - let me prove it to you! (Knowing this can significantly reduce your pain almost immediately)
  • If you are the straying spouse - Understand the REAL reason you had an affair (Learning this is vital for getting the trust back into your marriage quickly and being able to explain your behaviour to your spouse in a way that does not damage them further)
  • The VERY next step you can take today to stop the pain and the conflict between you.
  • Discover how couples are healing COMPLETELY in just 7 weeks - and how you can too! (Real life stories of courageous men & women who, like you were looking to heal their own pain and save their marriage)
  • How to book a FREE  1 hour coaching call to get clarification around your own situation. (You can speak with someone who has been in your shoes and will listen and support you without judgement.)

Pete & Nikki have been married 33 years. 

With Pete Uglow, BSc, PGCE 

Certified International Recovery Coach & Mentor
Pete a leading International Infidelity Recovery Expert and is a Professional Certified Coach, accredited with the International Coach Federation. He has over a decade of experience in helping hundreds of couples heal from an affair. 

He was featured on Channel 5's documentary 'Me & My Affair' and you can hear a little of Pete & Nikki's infidelity story on the 35 minute video.
"Thank you Pete. My therapist recommended your site. I wasn’t really prepared for what it was and honestly I cried through the whole intro video. It is so powerful. It is so true. I now feel ready to deal with all this."  

T.W. (Anonymity preserved)
"I told my husband the other night about your bottle analogy in the video. After watching it he broke down and said that was exactly why it happened and yet until you described it he didn’t have any idea.”

G.F.R. (Anonymity preserved)
"I find myself filled with emotion - good emotion - after seeing this video. You say all the right words to exactly how I've been feeling. I can’t get enough of this way of looking at the whole situation. Thank you so much."  

M.M. (Anonymity preserved)

Are you ready to move past all the pain & conflict to
embrace true healing?

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