We Understand Your Pain Because We've Been Through Infidelity Too!
Pete & Nikki Uglow
Pete writes... My wife, Nikki and I were 23 years into our marriage with two teenage children when she discovered an affair. Over the coming months she discovered another 22 affairs which stretched throughout our entire marriage, and she realised that she had no idea who I was!

At that point I didn't know how to help Nikki with her devastating pain and since I really wanted to save our marriage and overcome my own sex addiction, I set about finding us the help we needed. 
Fast forward to today, nearly ten years later, and we both have a beautifully harmonious and 'affair-proofed' marriage which has withstood many other external stresses. Each of us feels valued and understood within the relationship and my own need for sex outside the marriage has vanished. 

I was so blown away by the changes in our own marriage and how quickly Nikki healed from her pain, I became a Professional Certified (Infidelity) Coach. With my wife's assistance, I have helped hundreds of other individuals and couples overcome their own pain, understand why it happened to them and bring unconditional love into their relationship too. 

What we offer is a unique and proven method of recovery and we help people worldwide.

So enough about me, let's get back to you, because right now you, your pain and your relationship are the most important things to you. We will introduce you to the three steps you need to take if you are serious about recovering from infidelity. If you are feeling stuck in your recovery journey, watch our video. I think you might begin to see things very differently after that."

Pete Uglow PCC, Professional Certified Coach, International Coach Federation

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