Are You Trying To Save Your Marriage After Infidelity But Finding It Incredibly Tough?  

I can show you the ONE THING that will make ALL the difference to your recovery (even if you have tried everything else you can think of!)

Pete Uglow, International Infidelity Recovery Coach & Marriage Mentor

It's a commonly held belief that the pain of infidelity never really goes, that a relationship can't truly recover from an affair and that once a cheater always a cheater!
And sadly, most couples never truly recover - they stay together in pain and mistrust, or move on to new relationships - taking the same pain and mistrust with them.

It doesn't have to be like this! Both of you can completely recover from infidelity and re-create a wonderful marriage, BUT you have to know how to do it the right way - and there is only one way that TRULY works.

ALL infidelity and ALL pain from betrayal comes from a very real misunderstanding of the word 'LOVE'.

Just over 10,000 couples per month visit this website - you are not alone in your struggles! And whilst you may believe you have an uphill battle to recover from this, it's actually quite simple...

1. Learn

When you understand why the infidelity happened...

2. Practise

And bring the missing ingredient (unconditional love) into your life...

3. Enjoy

You will both replace fear & pain with love & security...

"I help couples who are struggling to rebuild their marriage after infidelity. Couples who have been trying to find each other again but realise they need some kind of help to get past the immense pain and the trust issues, couples who have no idea where to turn for reliable guidance that will enhance, rather than hinder, their recovery.

I assist them by quickly getting to the root source of the infidelity problem. I don’t waste time analysing the different ‘types’ of affair when the real problem is a vital ingredient missing from a person’s emotional system that led them to cheat in the first place. Without this ingredient all these marriages are doomed to mediocrity at best, divorce at worst.

When pain, mistrust, triggers and resentment are undermining all attempts at recovery, I can provide a proven pathway by shining a light on the vital role of unconditional love in healing all the wounds and fostering a higher kind of love.

Unlike other infidelity recovery ‘experts’ who might teach you a few tips on winning a betrayed spouse round and suggestions of ways to prevent the infidelity happening again...

I make sure that you understand EXACTLY what unconditional love is, what it isn’t and how to bring it into your marriage with immediate effect. In fact I have helped hundreds of couples around the world to do this in a fully supported, step-by-step manner, until they had the kind of marriage they once dreamed of and the infidelity has become just a distant chapter in a story that helped shape the marriage they now enjoy today."

You need to know that there are 3 phases of infidelity recovery

I provide support for each phase.

The Crisis Phase.... This is the most painful phase and is the period of time where you will be least in control of how you feel or of the potential outcome for your relationship. It's the period of time where you come face-to-face with not feeling 'good enough for your partner' and boy does that hurt! - This phase usually describes the first couple of months after the discovery of infidelity and it needs to be handled properly. 

* I provide everything you need within our first program - 'Where Did Our Love Go? ~ Navigating The Crisis Phase Of Infidelity Recovery
The Learning Phase... You discovered the infidelity more than 2 months ago. 
Your relationship got to where you are, based on what you have learnt in life so far. If you aren’t happy with the current outcome, then it’s clearly time to learn something new and different, even if you decide not to stay together. The Learning Phase is challenging, eye opening and incredibly rewarding.

* I provide everything you need within our second program - 'What's Love Got To Do With It? ~ How To Get Your 'Best Friend' Back When Infidelity Has Torn Your Relationship Apart!'
The Growth Phase... After completing the previous program you can really start to implement all the new things you have been learning. This is the phase where new shoots of selfless connection really begin to blossom and you individually create the kind of inner peace & happiness few ever access. This course is by invitation only.

* I provide everything you need in this our third program - 'Bring Me A higher Love! ~ Finding Deeper Connection!'

So What's Your Next Step?

1) If you discovered your spouse's infidelity less than 2 months ago - start here

2) If you discovered your spouse's infidelity more than 2 months ago - start here

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