Are You A Married Couple Struggling To Overcome Infidelity?

Discover How To Overcome The Pain, The Mistrust & The Conflict So You Can Bring Love Back into Your Marriage!

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Does this sound like you?

  • Do you still feel heartbroken and resentful that your spouse betrayed you and yet you are the one who continues to suffer?
  • Are you struggling under the weight of your pain & the images in your mind, yet your spouse would prefer you to “just get over it”?
  • Do you still feel suspicious and mistrustful and find yourself second guessing all that your partner says and does?
  • ​Are you fearful of your marriage ending and losing the life you’ve woven together?
  • ​Are you secretly terrified that you will never get over this and have the marriage you want?

If you really want to know how to turn your story around, eliminate all your lingering pain and re-find your 'best friend' again...

...this video will be THE MOST IMPORTANT VIDEO you will ever watch!

There are just 3 Simple Steps To Finally Feeling Good Again & Creating The Loving Marriage You Really Want!

When you understand why the infidelity happened...

And bring this missing ingredient into your relationship...

You will replace fear & pain with real love & security.

It's not widely understood that ALL infidelity, and ALL pain from betrayal comes from a very real misunderstanding of the word 'LOVE'.... 

Infidelity Recovery Coach & Mentor 


As Featured On Channel 5's 'Me And My Affair'

My name is Pete Uglow, and along with my wife, Nikki, I help couples struggling to recover from infidelity to find security, love and happiness in their marriage again, so that the pain, fear and mistrust ceases  to cause such misery and conflict between them.

If you are a betrayed wife, I will help you understand exactly why your spouse cheated, why it was not about you, and how to replace a missing ingredient in your emotional system so that new joy can be breathed back into your life and you can find the peace of mind and security you are searching for.

If you are the straying spouse I will help you to understand why you strayed, how to love and support your spouse through their pain, how to handle their many questions and emotional responses, and then how to build a marriage you'll never want to stray from again.

When pain, mistrust, triggers and resentment are undermining all attempts at affair recovery, I can provide you with a proven pathway. I can shine a light on the vital role of one ingredient in healing all the wounds and fostering a higher kind of love.

I make sure that you understand why you haven't heard about this before, EXACTLY  what this ingredient is, what it isn’t, and how to bring it into your marriage with immediate effect. I do this in a fully supported, step-by-step manner, until you have the kind of happiness you once dreamed of, and the infidelity has become just a distant chapter in a story that helped shape the marriage you are enjoying today. 

“I would proclaim the wonders of Pete & Nikki's work from a mountaintop!! Not just for what it has done for our relationship but for what it has done for me personally and the peace it has finally brought to my heart.” 
T.F. (A betrayed spouse)

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